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* Indo – Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IAJMR) (ISSN: 2454-1370) (Impact Factor - 3.265) * Life Science Archives (LSA) (ISSN: 2454-1370) (Impact Factor - 3.965)* International Journal of Innovations in Agricultural Sciences (IJIAS) (ISSN: 2456 - 7353) (Impact Factor – 1.76)*JPS Scientific Publications is also publishing the Project Report/Diploma/M.Sc/M.Phil/Ph.D Thesis as Monograph Book with ISBN Number – For more information contact +91-9994146964/* Indo – Iraqian Journal of Aquatic and Animal Sciences (IIJAAS) (Coming Soon) *Indo – European Journal of Education and Humanities (IEJEH) (Coming Soon) *


Education without research and development becomes meaningless to the society. “JPS Scientific Publications” takes great pleasure in welcoming you all. In order to encourage researchers to work together in more integrated and collaborative ways, JPS Scientific Publications has started three International bi-monthly online journals namely, Indo-Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IAJMR), Life Science Archives (LSA) and International Journal of Innovations in Agricultural Sciences (IJIAS). Our mission is to uplift our three International Journals IAJMR, LSA and IJIAS as the leading Journal in various fields of research which will provide a strong platform for researchers to publish their research ideas and share their Scientific knowledge. We welcome Original research papers, Review papers, Short communication papers and Case reports. The journals aim to publish quality research findings from researchers not only in the Indian region but also globally. The Editorial Board has shaped the journal into a well reputed international publication. As Editor-in- Chief, I take the responsibility of sustaining and building the journal's quality and success very earnestly. We are delighted that you are joining us as readers and hope you will also join us as contributors. We are looking forward to your continued interest and support for our international journals. We will feel more encouraged on hearing from you and your valuable suggestions on further improving our journal. I sincerely extend my thanks to those who contributed through papers on being editorial board and specially Associate editors and Reviewers.

Thank you

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Dr. J.P. Saranraj,
Editor & Managing Director,
JPS Scientific Publications,
Tamil Nadu, India.